Coronavirus In Gunnison

by Pitkin News March 12, 2020

There are a few confirmed cases of Coronavirus now in Gunnison and the number is certain to rise.

If you live in a large city with many stores, chances are likely that you will come into contact with an unaware carrier. When you live in a town the size of Gunnison, the chances of coming into contact with an unaware carrier are even more likely.

Every person that lives near or visits Gunnison does some shopping at either of our three largest stores. Generally, the first place arriving vistors go is to one of these stores. We all know that showing up at any of these stores shortly after a plane has landed is not going to be a fast shopping experience.

In just the past few days, the store's shelves that are supposed to contain cleaning and sanitizing products are empty to mostly empty. Stocking up on cleaning and sanitizing products make some sense in the midst of a panic but what does toilet tissue have to do with keeping your face and hands clean? 

Are those who hoard toliet tissue somehow safer than those who do not? Influenza kills between 30,000 and 75,000 Americans every year and shoppers don't seem to “wipe” out the shelves of toilet tissue during flu season.

For our benefit, if coronavirus had to show up here, this is the best time of year for it to do so. We are nearing our least busy season for tourists. Summer has the mountains, Fall has the colors. Winter has the snow. Early Spring has mud season.

Coronavirus is in Gunnison and it is going to be difficult to avoid exposure. Living life doesn’t stop, even in a small town. Just like Flu season, this will pass ... but it very well could leave some tragedy in its wake.

The best advice which is the only real advice is to follow the advice of the real experts.

Here are some important and links for factual information regarding the Coronavirus:
Centers for Disease Control and Response (CDC)
Gunnison County