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Pitkin Green Team

Information Sheet

Thank you for your interest in joining Pitkin's Green Team! This info sheet is provided to explain how the program operates and to answer some common recycling questions. Please feel free contact us for more information or register as a Green Team member.

DID YOU KNOW ... recycling just one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for two hours - power a 14-watt CFL bulb for 20 hours - or power a computer for 3 hours? continued

Notice from the Pitkin Cemetery Board 

We are offering a great opportunity for you to pay tribute to your loved ones.

You will soon be able to memorialize your loved ones, who are buried elsewhere but loved Pitkin.

Simply contact one of the people below and purchase a tile with the name of the person you wish to pay tribute to on the cemetery's new REMEMBRANCE

The cost is only $40 per name.

The wall will be availabe for your tributes during the Spring of 2020.

Contact either:

Jerra Garetson
(641-5553 or 620-668-0073).

James or Lois Sharpton (641-0252).

View sample. Link

Printable form. Link

Pitkin Meeting Audio

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ZBA Meeting Sep 16, 2019  Link 

Trustees Special Meeting Sep 11, 2019  Link 

Trustees Meeting Sep 9, 2019 Link 

Trustees Special Meeting Aug 22, 2019 Link 

ZBA Meeting Aug 21, 2019 Link 

Trustees Meeting Aug 12, 2019 Link 

Trustees Special Meeting Aug 4, 2019 Link 

Trustees Worksession Jul 22, 2019 Link 

Audio Archives

All About Town

All About Town is our "people" page, written monthly (+/-) by Suzy Metzler. If you or your family have any news or an event planned that you would like to share with people that are interested in all things Pitkin, please let Suzy know through our "Contact Us" page.

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Rain, Hail & Snow Totals

Chip Lamar of the Pitkin Fish Hatchery, records and maintains our area's precipitation data that he updates weekly. 

Go to "More" to read Chip's comments on this week's report. 

More Information

Guest Submissions

Guest submissions of stories about Pitkin and area photographs are welcomed.  All guest submission must be in compliance with our Policies for Guest Submissions.