Zoning Board of Adjustments: August 20, 2018

by Pitkin News august 21, 2018


At their regular meeting on August 20 the Pitkin Zoning Board of Adjustments considered several procedural items and forwarded recommendations to the Pitkin Town Council concerning a pending property sale and a request from the Pitkin Historical and Community Association (PHCA).

Mr. Floyd Cook is in the process of selling his residential property at 2nd and State Streets and has encountered a problem that is not unique to Pitkin. Like several other properties in Pitkin, Mr. Cook learned that the residential structure on his property encroaches by approximately twelve feet into the 2nd Street right-of-way. The property is under a sales contract but Mr. Cook is unable to secure a clear title for the property transfer. The Zoning Board was sympathetic to Mr. Cook’s dilemma but indicated they have no ability to solve his problem. He was advised to provide information to the Town Council and hopefully the Council can resolve his problem in the near future.

The PHCA is planning to add another historical building its site on Main Street and requested a setback variance and fee waiver from the Zoning Board. After a lengthy discussion about building orientation on the property and possible impact to the adjacent property owner it was determined that the request did not meet the criteria for granting a variance. The Zoning Board passed a motion to forward the matter to the Town Council with the recommendation that the Council work with PHCA to support historical preservation and that any associated fees be waived.

There was a brief discussion about the Town’s camping ordinance and it was learned that the complaint about a property in Pitkin will soon be vacated so no action was taken. The Zoning Board also discussed whether or not temporary structures should be required to obtain a building permit. It was agreed that further discussion of this matter would be included in upcoming discussions related to review and updating of the Zoning Code.

After detailed and excruciating discussion the Zoning Board did finally approve a variance request form to be used by future applicants for variances. The Board also discussed plans to begin the process of developing proposed amendments to the Zoning Code. The Board believes that due to some inconsistencies in language and changes in the community’s needs that the code needs to be carefully reviewed and updated. Once the Zoning Board completes its review a recommendation for adoption of an updated Zoning Code will be forwarded to the Town Council for final approval. It should be noted that this process may be impacted by November ballot issue concerning whether or not short term rentals will be allowed in the Residential district. The Zoning Board plans to begin review of the Zoning Code at its regular meeting on September 17.

You may listen to the audio recording of this meeting by following this Link.