Trustees Regular Meeting: January14, 2019

by Pitkin News january 16, 2019


At the January 14 Town Council meeting the Snow Plow Committee submitted a draft policy proposal for snow removal services to be provided by the Town beginning next winter. Currently Gunnison County provides limited services and the Town contracts to complete snow removal for town residents. Gunnison Cotnty has reduced service levels in the past two years and is likely to reduce them further in 2021 when the current Interlocal Agreement for services expires. For that reason the Town Council established a Snow Plow Committee to provide a proposed policy which in the long term will facilitate reasonable service within the budget capabilities of the Town. The draft policy provides that effective next October 1, the town will provide a snow plow route adjacent to the property of all winter residents. This means that some alleys and side streets will not be plowed as in the past and that property owners may need to clear snow to their driveways and parking spots at their own expense. The Town Council has asked the Snow Plow Committee to contact Pitkin property owners to seek their input on the draft policy and submit a report at the February meeting. The Committee plans to contact property owners by mail in the next couple weeks seeking comments which will be included in the February report.

In December the Town Council agreed to begin discussion of options available to seek a compromise short term rental regulation so that issue can be put to rest. Council members agreed to talk to constituents and at a future meeting dedicated solely to the short term rental issue see if it is possible to hammer out a compromise regulation. While setting a time and process for the dedicated meeting was on the agenda January 17, several Trustees voiced the opinion that prior to discussing a compromise regulation, the Town Council needs to determine if the Town has the will and resources to actually enforce its regulations. During the discussion of possible enforcement the point was made that enforcement procedures were needed not only for the short term rental issue, but also for a number of other Town ordinances and resolutions. Public comment during the meeting seemed to favor the idea of establishing an enforcement procedure although it was pointed out that with limited resources the Town may have a hard time financing the needed municipal court and enforcement officer. Prior to any further discussion of the short term rental compromise idea the Town Council plans to hold a special meeting on Tuesday, January 22 to specifically discuss the issue of enforcement of Town regulations.

In other business the Town Council took the following action:

*Approved a resolution formalizing a policy and process for submission of drawings for building permits and for requesting inspections.

*Gave preliminary approval of a draft ordinance establishing a policy and procedure for documenting payment of wages and fees to town personnel.

*Approved amendments to the ordinance establishing guidelines for handling requests for public records as provided by the Colorado Open Records Act. The amendments clarified the process for determining Town charges for filling records requests and also addressed response timing procedures.

*Discussed Americans with Disabilities Act requirements related to the use of historic Town Hall as the regular meeting location for official Town meetings. It was agreed that some cost estimates related to wheelchair ramp and accessible portable restroom facilities will be obtained to assist in determining the best course of action.

Copies of the draft Snow Removal Policy and the various resolutions and ordinance referenced in this article can be found on the Meeting Packets link on the Town of Pitkin website

You may listen to the audio recording of this meeting by following this Link.