Pitkin Fish Hatchery Precipitaction Report

Good morning and Happy May! 

7" of snow has fallen on the Pitkin Hatchery in the past 24 hours. Over 2" of water in the form of rain and snow has fallen in the past 5 days. The Gunnison Basin's snowpack is 152% of normal for this date. A lot of water will be coming down the rivers in the next several weeks!

I will switch to monthly precipitation reports through the summer, then go back to weekly snow reports when it starts piling up again next fall.

Have a good day!


Chip Lamar, who manages the activities of the Pitkin Fish Hatchery, measures precipitation data to help forecast available water flow produced by the hatchery's springs which supplies needed water to the hatchery. This helps him in planning the numbers of fish that he can safely raise.

He follows measurement guidelines set in place by the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network (COCORAH) and produces a report that he uses in his oversight of the hatchery. After completing his report, he forwards it to the network and shares a copy with us.

The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow network is a community-driven network that helps meteorologists, water managers, and emergency managers see where and when precipitation is falling.

For more information about COCORAH, please follow the link to their website. There, they have a great deal of interesting information.  COCORAH website