Submissions Policies

Informative & Fun Stories

Anyone who would like to share stories about Pitkin, please write them and submit them to us. These may be stories about family events, memories, historical information and so on. Send them to us in an email and attach it as a document and we will create a page to place it.

Photos / Images

Should anyone have original photograps of the area, wildlife or historical, please send them to us. Include the name of the photograper and any information that should accompany the picture(s). We may need to reduce the size of the image and convert the image to a .jpeg format.

Editorial / Opinion Articles

If you would like to submit editorial content for us to publish, we will be happy to do so. Please read and understand our polices.

Information presented as fact, must truly be factual. The approval for publication by our editorial board is nothing more than our verification of the integrity of the commentary. Presented commentary that is stated as factual but is not, or careless assumption presented as fact, will be footnoted with the errors pointed out. Opinions and assumptions presented as opinions and assumptions is just fine. Just don't state opinions and assumptions to be facts. This policy does not constitute violations of anyone's right to free speech, nor does it constitute censorship.

All of us are granted a wonderful right of free speech. The people's right of free speech gives them the abilty to stand on a "soapbox" and say anything they choose. Our rights of free speech give us the right to say the things that we say. Our right of free speech does not place you under any obligation to listen and your right of free speech does not obligate us to provide you a platform.

We ask that anyone feeling need to "rant," post carelessly written, innacurate or mean-spirited content, reserve those posts for their social media feeds. Past social media posts have played a very large part in creating the negative issues currently facing those of us who live and play here. Innacurate, mis-leading and dishonest content will not be published without us pointing out such content. The forum we provide on Pitkin.News is not social media and we will not allow content to fall to that level.