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Heating with Wood

The Argument in Favor of Wood Heating Link

Efficient Heating with Wood Link

9 Great Wood Heating Tips Link

Firewood Ratings Link

Firewood Quality Link

How to Buy the Right Woodstove Link

How to Improve Woodstove Efficiency Link

Heating 2 Story-home with Wood Stove Link

Wood Stoves vs Pellet Stoves Link

9 Great Wood Heating Tips Link

25 Wood Heating Tips (video) Link

Fastest Drying Firewood (video) Link

How to Season Firewood Very Fast (video) Link

Septic Tanks

Septic System Activation Recipe
5 gallons or 10 gallons of activated sludge.
(Available from the City of Gunnison Waste Water Treatment Plant). 1 quart of molasses.
Allow the activated sludge and molasses mixture to sit for 2 days. Put this mixture into your septic tank. Add handful of dry dog food.

OWTS Gunnison County Regulations  Link

Septic Regulations in Colorado  Link

Maintaining Your Septic System  Link

Septic System Basics Link

Septic Systems 101 (full course video) Link

Septic System 201 (full course video) Link 

Household Tips for Septic Tanks (video)  Link 

The Toliet Paper Test (video)  Link 

Living Near Wildlife

Managing Richardson Ground Squrrels  Link

More on Ground Squirrels .  Link

Feed Birds. not Bears  Link

Bears and Bird Feeders. Link 

Responsible Bird Feeding Around Bears  Link

A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear  Link

When Mountain Lions Meet People  Link

Bear Threatens to Charge, Aspen (video)  Link

Top 10 Bear Safety Tips (video)  Link

When Mountain Lions Meet People  Link

Never Turn Your Back on Big Cats (video)  Link

Encounter a Mountain Lion (video)  Link

Feeding Wildlife in CO is illegal (video)  Link

Forest Fires

Gudie to Wildfire Safety: Link

Wildfire Lesson Plans:  Link 

A Kid's Guide to Forest Fires:  Link 

Fire safety & Disabilities Guide:  Link 

Fire Safety for Elders :  Link 

If Your Car Catches on Fire:  Link 

Wildfire Evacuation Tips:  Link 

Before, During & After Wildfire:  Link 

How to Prevent a Forest Fire:  Link 

Inside the Fire (video):  Link 

Driver Escapes Forest Fire (video):  Link 

Footage of High Park Fire (video):  Link 

Log Homes

Log Home / Cabin Pros & Cons: Link

10 Common Myths about Log Homes:  Link

Charms & Challenges of Log Homes:  Link

Log Home Living:  Link

Practical Information About Log Homes:  Link

Pine Bark Beetle

Pine Beetle Epidemic: Link

Spruce Beetle Epidemic:  Link

Rockie Mountain Beetle:  Link

Pine Beetle Timber Boom:  Link

How to Recognize Bark Beetle (video):  Link

Colorado Forest & Pine Beetle (video):  Link

Panning for Gold

Gold Panning Instructions: Link

More Gold Panning Instructions: Link

8 Steps in Panning for Gold: Link

6 Tips for Beginning Gold Panners: Link

Prospecting & Mining Gold: Link

The Secret to Panning Gold (video): Link

Gold Panning Like a Pro (video): Link

No Value Other Than Interesting

Stanley Hotel Creepy Figure Image: Link

Tornado Near Wray Colorado: Link

4 Year Old Lila Kalis (Video): Link